There’s nothing quite like flying a quadcopter around, but could you imagine flying one around with a camera? In the past, who would have ever imagined having the opportunity to get nice aerial photos on your own, without actually going up in the air? While looking at the different quadcopters currently on the market (there’s many good ones), we discovered the Syma X5C and decided it was worth reporting our findings …

Product Specifications

* Size: 12.2 x 12.2 x 3.1 inches

* Weight: 1.4 Pounds

* Flight Time: 7 Minutes

* Charge Time: 100 Minutes

* Camera: HD Camera

* Connectivity: WiFi

* Storage: 2GB Micro SD


The Syma X5c is very durable and easy to fly – it has the similar structure most other quadcopters have – it has four arms that are extended out. Each arm contains one rotor. No need to worry about stability during flight – this one has a 6-axis Gyro stabilization, which ensures maximum stability while it is up in the air.


One of the best features, in our opinion, is the fact that simply by pressing a button, it can perform flips. Watching the drone do flips is super exciting.

Indoors and Outdoors

This drone is a large amount of fun outside, but when it is all said and done and the day is coming to an end, you don’t have to end it. You can easily take it inside and fly it around. That’s right, it can be flow indoors and outdoors. Plus, it is wind resistant.

Syma X5C ExplorersRemote and Speed

The first thing you may notice is the remote. With a flip of a switch, you can change the remote, allowing for left of right hand throttle (it is all up to you). If you are a lefty, you no longer have to learn to “act” like a right handed person, so this is a good change.

Plus, the size of the control is great – it will fit perfectly in your hand.

As for the range, it is pretty good and is actually something Syma has been bragging about – this remote features spectrum technology, which allows it to reach further than the others. Many people claim they are able to get over 100 meters before they lose contact.

It has also been said that the remote features faster than normal technology and we must say, we discovered the controls are super-fast on this one. For example, when you hit the directional right, or in any direction for that matter, this copter is going to react right away. Out of all the models that are available in this price range, we have never seen a remote that offers this much control.

SimaInvertThe Agility

Needless to say, the Syma X5C is very agile. Like we mentioned earlier, with ease, you will be able to perform a full 360 degree flip. It is smaller in size, but in a way, that is good, because this allows the copter to fly through the air with ease – larger copters get caught in the wind gusts. Mind you, we wouldn’t recommend flying this model outside where there are gusts of 20+ MPH wind, but that is normal.

While hovering is usually hard to do, this one has proven otherwise – hovering is easy! Even with mid-priced models, finding a copter that is easy to hover is almost impossible.

You can control this model:

* Left/right

* Up/down

* Leftward/rightward

* Forward/backward

If you know a bit about these RC vehicles, you probably already know that speed and stability is great for people of all ages – this is something we all look for in copters. Some people have stated that they believe the speed is a little too fast for their children, but personally, we don’t mind the speed (that’s what we love, actually).

A Fairly Good Camera

We must add, the camera is decent. Of course, it’ not one of those GoPro cameras, but for the price of this copter, the camera can’t be beat! The camera is still very good, plus it comes with a 2GB Micro SD. The resolution of the pictures are set at 1280 x 720 and the video capability is 30 frames per second, which is actually pretty fast.

One Minor Issue

SymaBatteryThere is one minor issue that users seem to be complaining about and it is a common complaint – the battery life. Take it from me, you’re never going to find a quadcopter out there where users aren’t complaining about the battery life – we all want to have fun for hours, but unfortunately, unless we have extra batteries, this isn’t going to happen.

The Price

The Syma X5C is the perfect model, especially for beginners. Of course, it’s not a Phantom, but it doesn’t claim to be one – at $46.99 (that’s the price at the time of writing this review, it may fluctuate just a bit), you really can’t ask for anything better.

Would we recommend this product to a friend? We sure would and that is why we took the time to tell you all about it. Everything from the durability, control and hovering really makes this product stand out from the crowd. Plus, like we said, the price is amazingly low for something this good.

Syma X5C

Syma X5C Explorers RC Quadcopter With HD Camera Review

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