Bebop2If you’re looking for a drone that’s easy to fly, look no further. With this one right here, you won’t really need experience to fly the Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone. Simply by pushing one button, you can take-off and land. Also, steering the drone is fairly easy – it’s a lot like tilting a tablet in the direction you would like to fly.

Simply by looking at this drone, you probably wouldn’t realize just how many features it is packed in. It’s hard to believe a little drone has so much it can offer. Looking under the hood, you’ll find a total of four brushless out runner motors, an HD camera, a 1,200 mAH lithium-polymer battery, a large amount of sensors and GNSS location tracking. It even comes with two batteries, which will give you a total of 22 minutes of flight-time.

Taking a closer look at the drone, you will find a dual-core CPU, 8GB of flash memory, and a quad core GPU. The whole thing doesn’t even weight more than 400 grams. Apparently the saying “big things come in small package” is true.

As soon as this one comes out of the box, it is ready to take flight. You can use your smartphone or tablet in order to control it. There’s a FreeFlight3 application that is available on Android, Windows and iOS.

Design Choices

The design choices are out of this world. Instead of designing a drone that has rigid parts, Parrot went for a flexible and lightweight design and in our opinion, this is a brilliant idea. If you were to have a rough landing with this drone, it seems as if it is less likely to break.

On the practical side, Parrot equipped the drone with a slew of different sensors that work together to keep it incredibly stable. While you are flying the drone in the air, it analyses data from its gyroscope, accelerometer, pressure sensor, ultrasound sensor, camera and the GNSS system. It takes all of this information and uses it in order to adjust itself. The app will show you the battery life, and when the battery starts to reach a low level, it will fly back to you. This way, you won’t have to search for a drone that lost power.

To start out, open up the app, choose your destination points and hit that “go” button. Yes, it really is this easy. As long as you have a good satellite connection, this drone will be able to fly wherever you want it.

Would you believe it if I told you it can perform numerous acrobatic tricks? It sure can. Al you have to do is tap your screen two times and it will flip in the direction you choose. Looking at the reviews, it seems as if many people enjoy this feature, because it is fun to watch.

When you receive the Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone, you can take it out of the box and use it right away.


The features of this drone really caught my attention – take a look at them for yourself:

  • ABS – Reinforced structure that is light in weight.
  • Emergency Mode – This will land the drone right away in the event of a crash.
  • Return Home Feature – This feature will help to return the drone home.
  • HD Fisheye – It has a built-in HD fisheye camera, which is capable of recording 1080p video. It takes 14MP pictures.
  • Wi-Fi hotspot – This drone is capable of generating its own Wi-Fi hotspot. It can handle both 2.4 GHGz and 5GHz.
  • Synchronized with Smartphone – This drones video and photo stream is synchronized with your smartphone.


  • 2 Fully charged lithium batteries
  • Weight: 14.81 ounces
  • Signal Range – 1-1/4 miles.
  • Image Sensor: 14MP
  • 8GB of internal flash memory.

When you receive this best drone, you will find the following in the box:

  • A charger
  • Micro USB cable
  • Drone
  • 2 indoor hulls
  • 2 li-polymer batteries
  • 4 extra propellers (we could always use extra propellars)
  • Mounting tool for the propeller
  • A guide


The Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone is one of the easiest drones on the market to fly. Using the downloadable FreeFlight 3 app it is fully controllable up to 300m in the air, and you can record to the internal memory and onto a microSD card if you require more space. If you lose sight of your drone, you can press the return to home button and the drone will return to the starting position.

There’s a “home” button that is on the app. When you press that button, the drone will fly back to where it originally started. It uses a GPS in order to find the location. It will hover at 2m until it lands. If you have lost the drone and can’t locate it, this option is perfect.

The maximum speed of this drone is pretty cool – it is around 29 mph. With the batteries, your flight time will come to around 22 minute, which is enough time to have some fun and take some nice pictures or video.


Where there are pros, there will be cons – that is how it is with almost any product on the market. Looking at the reviews, we find some that have had problems connecting the drone to their smartphone, however, once it is connected, reconnecting it seems to be easy.

Take note – before you use any drone, it is important that you know about the laws in your area. Also, take precautions while you are flying it and stay safe


Parrot Bebop QuadcopterThe reviews just keep coming about the remarkable Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone and it would be easy to mention hundreds of happy reviews from very happy Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone owners.

So I chose this one that I believe says it all:

“My first outdoor Bebop flight and I love this drone. Open access, Very stable, Performs very well. Always improving with ongoing R&D support. Will only get better. Works well with just your phone for local flights. Delighted!”

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Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone Review

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