Inspir1BoxThis particular drone comes with a hefty price tag but you’re definitely getting what you pay for. DJI is known for making drones and having many different features and specifications depending on what price range you can afford. The Inspire 1 is definitely on the higher end of that list and for very good reasons. It’s definitely worth saving up for if you’re looking for a quality drone without having to test out different models and ultimately end up spending a lot more.

It has a very sturdy and sleek design, leaving you with no doubt that it is a well-crafted model, expected to do great things. It has a lot of potential to be great if you use it properly and is definitely a good way to spend money on a machine that you can trust to use again and again.

As well as the sleek design, it comes with features that help it stand out from the rest and make sure that you can justify spending the extra money on it without worrying that you can get something better for cheaper.

Many sellers will also do a bundle – while you will be paying more for this, you will get additional supplies such as an additional battery, higher internal storage and a second controller. Make sure to check what is coming in the box when you purchase it.

DJI T6700 Inspire 1 Specifications And Features

1. Camera – If your main reason to buy a drone is for shooting and images, then this is a worthy investment. It supports a 4K camera that is mounted on the device and ready to use from the get-go. As with most DJI drones, the camera is hosted on the underside of the machine, on a gimbal. This gives you full control of the camera and allows you to fully maximize the shot that you capture.

You can turn the camera 360 degrees, giving you the most control possible as your flying and so you don’t miss the view that you’re aiming to capture. It shoots in 4K, which is the best quality you can expect to find on the drone and is capable of capturing 12 megapixel images with the touch of a button while the device is in the air.

The camera is also removable, which is not a feature that is always present. This lets you store and transport the Quadcopter with ease, without the risk of breaking it.  It also means that when better technology is implemented, the camera can be replaced without the need to buy a whole new drone – which considering this particular model is nearly a bank breaking $3k, is a perfect feature to ensure you’re always getting the best quality for your money without wondering when you’re going to have to shell out Inspire1again due to a breakthrough in technology.

The images are saved in RAW format, allowing you to jump straight to editing them and the 4K gives the best quality. Make sure that you get the most out of this by having a device that is capable of handling 4K, otherwise you won’t see the boosted quality and it will come out similar to other 1080p images and film.

While it is in the air, too, the drone’s arms will move out of the way, giving you an entirely clear shot of whatever you choose to point the camera at.

2. Battery – The battery that is included in the drone is around 120W, which means that the charge time isn’t too long. Unlike other models by DJI that give you around 20 to 25 minutes of air time, the Inspire 1 gives you around 18 minutes. This of course depends on what conditions it’s flying in and how much you push it.

You can easily get additional batteries too. The original battery is removable. If you have more than one battery, you’ll be able to make sure you always have a charged back up so that you can get straight back into the air once you’ve depleted one of them. The batteries are very easy to change over and won’t take much time.

3. Controller – While the Inspire 1 comes with one controller as standard, it’s possible to pair up two controllers to it. This allows for one controller to solely be in charge of controlling the drone’s directions and the other can be used to control the camera, meaning that more than one person can have a hand in flying the drone without fighting for air time.

Additional Features

DJI T600 Inspire 1The Inspire 1 comes with a HDMI socket, which means that you’re actually able to plug into a video capture device. You can hook up to a TV and watch the footage that you’ve captured in big screen which is something that other DJI models haven’t been able to do before without having to pay extra for an upgrade.

For the price of the drone, you actually get a lot more out of it the longer you’re with it thanks to the often firmware updates. You’re not stuck with what you bought – you get additional features with the upgrades and it keeps your drone at the top of the market by making sure you’re not missing out on any snazzy new upgrades.

YouTube streaming is another feature – you don’t have to wait to get your drone down, take out the internal SD card and copy the videos over to your computer or whatever device you use. You can stream directly, live, as you’re flying straight on to YouTube.


If you’re looking for something with a professional feel, that can capture great images and allow other people to get involved in your projects, then the Inspire 1 is definitely worth the payload. It fulfills all the requirements you need to be taken seriously when you’re out flying as well as providing a fun and good experience as a user because this one is one of the best drone for sale in 2016. It looks better, feels better and has a lot of additional features that really give it a bit of a kick.

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DJI T6700 Inspire 1 Quadcopter Drone Review

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