Phantom3When you’re looking for a drone, you’re not just looking for a new toy. You want to make sure that you’re getting the best for your money without missing out on any of the features that other drones are boasting.

If you’re after top end features, however, you have to be willing to fork out the cash for it. A serious drone doesn’t come cheap and when it comes to spending that much money you want to be sure you’re getting something of good quality in return.

DJI has a few different models of drone out there with various price tags depending on what each individual drone can offer you. The DJI Phantom 3 Professional is slightly smaller than some of their previous models and gives a longer flight time, which is a definite reason for the upgrade.


1. Camera

Phantom3CameraOne of the main features of the DJI Phantom Professional has is it’s 4K camera. This is an incredibly high spec when it comes to videos and image and is a brilliant advantage for anyone that is seriously interested in landscape and swooping shots of nature around them. It is capable of holding the images and videos in RAW format, meaning that they can be opened and edited at leisure while maintaining a very high quality. This does require the technology to display 4K, though, which is not something that is widely in all homes. If your display device does not support 4K, you will not get the full benefits of the technology and will only be able to see it up to what your device is capable of transmitting.

This means that even those who are seriously into editing can get something worthwhile out of the machine and those that are more interested in the flight come back with a very high quality video to share with others.

Thanks to the stabilizing 3-axis that this comes with, the camera work is incredibly steady too, meaning no shaky video as you’re soaring over the trees and houses around you. The camera is mounted under the unit, meaning there’s no disruption from the propellers.

You’re also able to move the camera around. You can look directly down or up and tilt. Paired with the fact you can see the video live if you connect up your phone, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t get the video and shot that you want to come out perfectly and get everything you need from a fly.

2. Battery

This drone comes with a battery, meaning that it can pretty much be flown out of the box. The battery it is running is 100W, giving it a much quicker charge time than other drones. This means once you’ve depleted the battery the first time, you don’t have to wait too long to get it back in the air again.

You can also purchase additional batteries if you also want back up, to keep it going for longer and ensure that you’ve always got an extra charged one on you. This lets you take it much further away from home without worrying about needing an electrical socket to keep going. Simply swap out the batteries and get it back in the air again quickly.

Once you have it up and going, you have about 20 minutes of fly time to look forwards to which is pretty decent in a drone, and can definitely give you enough airtime to make sure that you have time to get to grips with the controls and give it few laps around without worrying about it coming down too quickly.

3. GPS

You’re not restricted to flying only in zones where you can get a phone signal or a Wi-Fi signal thanks to the GPS technology and DJI’s own Lightbridge technology that is included on the drone. With both of these, you are able to fly even without a signal and not have to worry about it dropping out midway.

The GPS also means that you’re protected from flying in no-fly zones, as the drone will not start. It comes automatically locked against such zones, such as the White House, so that you are not able to accidently break the laws and risk getting into trouble. This drone is preloaded with a database on current no fly zones.

Additional Features

dji-phantom-3-professionalFollow Me is a feature that is included with this particular drone, meaning that you can let the drone follow you – as the name would suggest – without the need for you manipulating the controls to get the desired effect. In this mode, the only thing that you have to do is manually control your altitude accordingly.

The drone also has internal storage in the form of an SD Card. If you purchase from the manufacture, it comes with a 16GB card but this can be upgraded to 64GB to give you maximum storage space.

The remote is compatible with most popular phones, meaning that you can pair the two devices up and use your smart phone – or tablet – to control the drone. You can slot your phone into the remote as it comes with slot for this.

Return to home button is included on the remote, meaning that if you fear the battery is going to die or that you are going out of range of the drone, you can hit this button and the drone will return roughly to where it took off from.

Inside mode is available, which controls how high the drone can fly and also has sensors so that it doesn’t crash into everything in its path. It’s very useful for while you’re learning how to get the hang of flying or if you don’t have the weather conditions to take it outside.

If you have the money to spare and want a drone, then this one is not a mistake. It has many features and accessories to keep it interesting and means that you’ll get a lot of entertainment out of it. Not to mention It’s decent drone with camera and great fly time. Like their other models, this isn’t waterproof so make sure you only take it out in suitable conditions.

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DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter Drone Review

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